Initially, the first version of Internet Explorer was introduced along with Operating System Windows 95. Although it might be considered obsolete now, Internet Explorer formed the crux of our internet browsing experience all through the 90s. It was only with the advent of Netscape and bundled browsers that the first browser-war started during the new millennium. Thankfully for us, despite the monopoly of IE in the browser market for almost a decade, there was no attempt to make it a paid installation or ‘for-purchase software’, else most of our 90s web browsing experience would have gone for a toss.

On the whole the Internet Explorer series of browsers have had a monumental history, and here are the various versions that were introduced over the course of the years:-

  1. Internet Explorer 1
  2. Internet Explorer 2
  3. Internet Explorer 3
  4. Internet Explorer 4
  5. Internet Explorer 5
  6. Internet Explorer 6
  7. Internet Explorer 7
  8. Internet Explorer 8
  9. Internet Explorer 9
  10. Internet Explorer 10
  11. Internet Explorer 11

As of today, the most-used web browsers on a global level can be listed down as Google Chrome (of course) followed by Firefox (in very close competition), Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Android Browser, Iron, Safari, UC Browser and Phantom. Of course with the advent of mobile technology and tablets, as well as the predominance of mobile and tab browsing as compared with computer browsing, the entire game or browser battle has changed forever.