It might be a household name now, but there was a time when MSN was just one of the online services initiated by Microsoft. Be it in terms of portal services, mail services, online shopping, ad placement and revenue or news and weather updates, MSN has come a long way since its inception in 1995. For those who were born during the 80s, the thought of MSN would certainly bring about a wave of nostalgia and countless fond memories. Most particularly, this would occur when MSN Messenger and Chat Services formulated our first window to the online world. At that time when the internet had just transcended from being a network used by IT Engineers or scientists, to being used at a household level for entertainment, academic, communication and various other miscellaneous purposes, MSN formed our window to the world. With the advent of Google and Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tinder, the initial mania of MSN services has definitely subsided, but this does not in any way undermine the Microsoft Portal’s credibility and popularity amongst users of various age-groups and geographical zones across the world.

Bing Search Engine

Although the unprecedented popularity of Google cannot be denied, Bing is also a popular search engine with an interesting amalgamation of various search engine features and functions that have been derived from Windows Live Search and MSN. If you happen to be interested in tech updates, you’d certainly be aware of the fact that Bing has taken up the overall design and structure of the widely-known design language crafted by Microsoft, which goes by the name of ‘Metro’. It would also be interesting to note that the Bing Search Engine is available in as many as 40 different languages and their slogan has phased over from the initial ‘Bing is for doing’ to the more impressive, practical and current ‘Bing and decide’.