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Top 5 Best Tech Inventions of All Time!

By admin

Evolution is one factor that is constant for everything in the world. Right from the living beings that we coexist with and the technology that we enjoy, everything keeps changing and has evolved a lot since the creation of man. The growing of technology is one thing that you cannot stop. As long as men with desire exist, technology keeps growing. Here, as a token of our love for the greatest technologies that were ever invented, we are listing the top 5 best tech inventions of all time.


The ‘Hello Moment’:

Let us take a minute to thank Graham Bell for giving us all the ‘Hello moment’. After the arrival of postal systems, probably the best thing that happened next was the invention of telephones. After that, the communication system evolved drastically, and we know where we have reached today. Any mode of communication that we enjoyed today is such a blessing. The smartphone that you can’t live without today, the mail system, and the concept of SMS make our lives much easier.

Moving Pictures:

Feeling bored? Your favorite movie along with a bowl of popcorn will make your day better. The film technology that we enjoy today is a result of the moving-picture concept that was introduced decades back in the 19th century. The concept that is involved in moving pictures is quite interesting. Unlike what the name suggests, the pictures do not move. It only creates an imaginary feeling or simply say, an illusion that makes the viewer feel like the picture is moving resulting in a video. If not for this technology we would never have had the concept of filming and videography.


Surpassing the technology of robots, we have humanoids today. The technology that scientists in the course of making a humanoid is still a wonder for all of us. Robots are the greatest inventions and by far the complex inventions as well. Humanoids ideas had always existed, but the came into proper realisation only in the late 2000s. Humanoids are such an advanced creation that we will wonder about in utter amazement, even after ten years from now.


Definitely, this word will bring a smile on your face. The 90’s kids who are technically called the generation youngsters are the ones who are very much associated with the idea of Wi-Fi. If it is not the 90’s kids who else will better understand the love that people have for Wi-Fi. The phrase ‘Can I have your Wi-Fi password’ has formally replaced most terms. We don’t even mind asking it to strangers. Imagine a world without Wi-Fi. The world would turn into mayhem.


Google is, of course, is the greatest tech invention by far, and it will always remain to be so. It is one place where we all look up to in case of any query. Kudos to all the legends who lived before the invention of Google because they did what no one will ever be able to do in the future. To survive without Google is utterly impossible.

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