Installing And Downloading IE 8 Optimized

  • In order to download the 8th version of Internet Explorer, the most basic requirement that you need to have is an operating system in your desktop or laptop that supports the specific version. It would be apt if you check for compatible operating systems on the Microsoft website prior to attempting any such downloads or any new updates, not just for Internet Explorer but any kind of software.
  • The next important step would be to read the ‘Install Instructions’ very carefully. This is very important, because only the stipulated process or underlined steps need to be followed. Downloading by any dubious means or half-baked attempts will lead to a corrupted file, or even worse getting hit by a virus, which I’m pretty sure you do not want to happen at any cost to your precious computer.
  • Choose your downloading source carefully. In case you are on the lookout for a version of Internet Explorer that has especially been optimized for Bing and MSN, then you’ve landed at the right place, because you will not only find all the details here, but you will also get a fuss-free route to the ‘download tab’ without any spam-trails or covert ways to shove a newsletter subscription down your throat.
  • Before you go ahead and actually download, it would be quite helpful if you took a look at related resources such as the Internet Explorer Team Blog as well as other member and subscriber forums where discussions related to various technical and non-technical aspects are carried out. I’m sure it would be of immense help to you, not just during the pre-download phase but throughout your post-download time period as well.
  • Please note here that the most compatible browser in this regard would be Windows 7, but even with advanced versions that would obviously be unveiled in due course of time, there would be no issues downloading and operating Internet Explorer 8. The primary issue that would arise would be only when you have Windows original versions that are post-dated in relation to Windows 7 or when you would have pirated Windows instead of the original version. In the latter case, please take care so as not to install original Internet Explorer 8 version as the same will not be compatible with your operating system and will cause unwanted disruptions and could even lead to system failure.

The ie8 Optimized project is proudly supported by companies such as: One Sure InsuranceGame, Zozanga and Data Path.

PS: On January 15th 2016, Microsoft ended all support and future updates for Internet Explorer 8. It is a virus threat installing the optimized version on any PC unless it is for testing or other purposes.